Raul and Gerardo

They were our founders.

Together, with a lot of work, effort and sacrifice, they began this great adventure.

There were not easy times, though.

The credit they were asked for when buying the campsite weighed heavily on them. Very heavily.

But Raul and Gerardo were determined to get this business off the ground and they did everything that was required and more to get there!

They worked as masons, builders and gardeners.

They acted as managers, directors, and publicists.

Until the unforgettable day they managed to open a new Camping in the beautiful town of Arriondas: Camping Sella.

That day, their respective families joined in this great adventure.

Two families united by a vision and by our shared loved for the natural paradise where we lived

Everyday, we opened at 7 am and closed at midnight.

We invested a lot of effort and a lot of money!

It wasn’t easy because, in those early days, the internet was beginning to bring on more and more competition.

But, little by little, the world began to talk about a small campsite in Arriondas…

A campsite where two families showered customers with smiles…

A camping where you could wake up in the middle of nature …

Breathing truly pure air …

Enjoying the spectacle that the peaks of Picos de Europa offered on the horizon…

And the crystal clear river that flowed through the campsite itself…

A lot has changed since those early days

Today, besides lodging and cooking, we also offer our guests the opportunity to comfortably practice canoeing from our own jetty on the River Sella!

Our customers love to enjoy an internationally reknown descent like the Sella’s without having to worry about logistics and travel!

And more and more customers know how to appreciate the value of our superior customer service.

More and more customers appreciate the value of an unpretentious business whose main priority is for the client to enjoy a break in an incomparable natural environment without having to break the bank!

Yes, the business started back then by Raúl and Gerardo, is working.
Our humble project has been growing.

Today, the two families continue working in all areas of the campsite: at the reception, cafeteria, cleaning services, kitchen etc.

And today, our philosophy remains the same as those early years, when Raul and Gerardo launched the business.

  • We want our camping to become your home in Asturias.
  • We want you and your family to feel part of this community of nature and adventure sports lovers.
  • We want to protect the incomparable natural environment of Asturias from the negative impact of rapid and uncontrolled massification.
But, above all, we want you to be able to enjoy the secrets of Eastern Asturias at very fair prices.
So, let the adventure in Arriondas begin!


All you need to do is pack your suitcase or backpack. We take care of the rest!